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BeFriend Welcomes You

Hope Is Where the Heart Is


BeFriend is an educational volunteer group founded by Minju Kang in NLCS Jeju. The objective of BeFriend is ‘social inclusion’. We aim to show that intellectually disabled students can also be artists, and fluently interact with our society. The art lessons we lead can enhance emotional stability as well as improve sociality and relationship development of intellectually disabled students. Our team therefore provides an opportunity to the students where they can express individual thoughts and emotions, which leads to individual achievement and satisfaction along with improvement of self-esteem. Please look forward to more updates on BeFriend with our aspiring artists at Seoul Daniel School.

Behind BeFriend...

During the two-year period spent with children with developmental disabilities, it was a time that pushed me forward and shaped me. The moments when I connected with marginalized children in society through teaching art, creating artworks together, and organizing exhibitions were more about what I learned than what I taught. Through them, I truly learned the joy of being a genuine friend, not pretending or embellishing, but embracing the purity in the children.

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